"Tuggy" the T-Post Puller  

Fencing Solutions 

Tuggy the T-post puller is an essential tool for any farmer, rancher or fence building activity.  This exclusive design weighs less than 14 lbs, but is sturdy enough to last a lifetime. 

Item Name: "TUGGY" The T-Post Puller
Item Number: N101-tpp
Price: $49.95


The Tuggy should be part of your tool collection because:

There is no exertion and no back strain


It is fast easy and economical


Weighs less than 14 lbs so it is easily transportable


Precision made and time proven


Powder coated to prevent rust


Most of all it is a Quality Product at an affordable price!


Never Strain your back or bend a post again! Posts are so easy to pull with the Tuggy



Exclusive Design
Text Box: Exclusive Design


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